68 Northbrook Ave
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Sometimes and for some of us very lucky individuals most of the time, we are awestruck over the beauty around us. That 'feeling'  is deep inside of us and even though it is hard to describe, we know it the same way we know our hand, for example. It is more than just a collection of trees, rocks, water,etc. it is the way that they are arranged, the way the light falls on them, their warm shadows, or their reflections in water. This 'experience' is even more powerful when its occurs while doing things we love, like for me spending a morning flycasting to a rising trout. As an artist my goal is to recreate that 'feeling' on the canvas and take the viewer to that same place and emotion.
Painting is deep in my soul, something I have to do. I love color, shadow, and the warm and cool of light, and the way it interacts with the trees, rocks, and  the rivers and streams. I especially love painting water. This is my web site and I hope that you enjoy it.